Managed Human Resources?

What is “Managed Human Resources” and How Can it Help Your Business?

Today’s HR departments are stretched thin trying to keep up with company and employee demands. So, more and more business leaders are turning to Managed Human Resources organizations to help fill the gaps and provide support for their internal Human Resource Professionals.

Managed Human Resources companies will employ HR Generalists with broad expertise across the HR spectrum. But the best Managed Human Resource firms will employ both HR Specialists AND HR Generalists. That combination gives HR Departments the depth and breadth of knowledge necessary to keep up. And it provides the resources to help turn HR into a profit center!

How Can a Managed Human Resource Company Help

Compliance, Risk, Safety, Payroll, Benefits, Employee Relations, Leadership and Organizational Development all fall under “HR”. And no one person has all that knowledge or capacity. A company would need to hire 4 to 6 certified professionals, more if the company operates in multiple states, to handle it all. And with Average HR Professional salaries ranging from $53,000 – $155,000 per year a full “HR Department” quickly gets out of reach. Most companies simply cannot afford to deploy the resources necessary to build out a full Human Resource Department.

Because Managed Human Resources firms brings so much experience, companies get the best of both worlds. They bolster their internal HR Department at a fraction of the cost of staffing and managing one on their own.

Choosing a Managed Human Resources Firm

Choosing a Managed Human Resources firm to support your business does not have to be difficult. First, asses your current situation. Think about things like employee turnover and productivity. Where are you in great shape? What HR Projects never seem to get off the ground? What technology are you using to manage your HR? Where do you need the most help? Are you sure you’re in compliance with all the Federal and State Laws?

Now, you can look for a firm with the experience to understand your company’s goals and can articulate a plan to support your goals. The firm you choose should be able to support your goals, provide transparency into the work they are doing for you and be able to communicate the return you are getting on your investment.

About PuzzleHR

At PuzzleHR, we know how difficult solving the Human Resource puzzle can be. We have hundreds of years of Human Resources Experience at PuzzleHR. And our service model is designed to maximize Return on Investment and provide the ultimate in transparency. We’d love the opportunity to find out about your business and show how we help businesses put the pieces of the puzzle together.



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