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Streamline Your Training With Our Learning & Development Services

Managing effective and efficient training for your employees can be an extraneous task. Let our Learning And Development Services ease the burden.

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Learning and Development

Your Solution for Learning, Development & Growth

Elevate your organization’s learning experience with “University of Puzzle” (UP!). Our team has expertly crafted a diverse range of Learning Solutions tailor-made for our clients. Whether you’re seeking customized training programs or enriched Learning Management Systems, we’ve got you covered. Our solutions are specifically designed to empower your leadership teams, facilitating your organization’s growth to new heights.

Discover how PuzzleHR can catalyze your progress and take your team to the next LVL UP! today!

Let’s UPskill, UPlift, and UPgrade your team’s learning journey with PuzzleHR. Reach out today to learn more about how our personalized learning solutions can transform your organization.

Custom Learning Solutions

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Experience the power of personalized learning with our UP team of skilled professionals who specialize in crafting customized learning programs tailored to your organization’s unique needs. We offer a flexible blend of on-site facilitation and remote learning opportunities to optimize the learning experience. Our team collaborates closely with you to ensure the course content and teaching methodologies align with your company’s specific goals, fostering a learning environment that directly contributes to the desired business outcomes. With our customized learning programs, watch your organization thrive and reach new heights of success.

Next LVL!

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Embark on a transformative learning adventure with our Next LVL program, where LVL stands for “Live Virtual Learning”. Participants in the Next LVL program undertake a yearlong journey designed to catapult their leadership prowess to unparalleled heights. You have the freedom to select the path most suited for your team, while our team of experienced trainers will guide your members towards reaching the Next LVL of leadership.

We offer two distinct program options to cater to your team’s needs:

  1. Two Track Option: This program encompasses 11 comprehensive courses, each lasting 90 minutes, providing a broad spectrum of leadership skills.

  2. Three Track Option: For teams seeking a more in-depth training, this option includes 15, 90-minute courses that dive deeper into leadership principles and strategies.

With the Next LVL program, elevate your team’s leadership acumen and set new benchmarks for success!


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Discover the transformative potential of LVL UP, our selection of Live Virtual Learnings, expertly curated to elevate the leadership skills of your management and high-potential employees.

With the LVL UP program, included in many of our HR packages, you receive weekly, 60-minute leadership courses. Each session, led by experienced instructors, provides a dynamic and ever-evolving curriculum that rotates quarterly. Immerse your team in the LVL UP experience and witness the growth in their leadership capabilities.

LMS Enriched

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Discover LMS Enriched, a customizable, comprehensive, and user-friendly Learning Management System. Key features include a fully customizable interface aligned with your brand identity, robust document management with E-Signature capabilities for expedited approvals and compliance, the ability to upload your own customized courses in various file formats, and advanced dynamic reporting for real-time tracking of learner progress and performance. With Enriched LMS, you can take full control of your organization’s learning and development initiatives, providing a tailored and impactful learning environment.


Learning Management

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Elevate your team’s learning experience with PuzzleHR’s advanced Learning Management product. Noteworthy features include a pre-loaded online training catalogue, offering an expansive library of over 400 diverse courses, removing the hassle of content creation and encouraging continuous learning. Powered by Collabornation’s innovative technology, this platform delivers an immersive and interactive learning experience, leading to improved knowledge retention and application. Make the switch today to foster growth, enhance capabilities, and drive success in your organization with Collabornation’s Learning Management solution.

The "University of Puzzle"! is uniquely designed to aid:

The PuzzleU! Learning and Development Team will design a platform that fits your exact needs to support excellence within your organization.

Your business thrives when your people thrive. Try PuzzleU! today.

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