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Let PuzzleHR Help You Win the War for Talent

To Win the War for Talent, PuzzleHR presents a flexible suite of talent acquisition services, designed to give you the power of choice in selecting the level of support that best aligns with your company’s hiring needs. 

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Talent Acquisition

We Help You Attract and Retain Quality Employees

As a critical strategic component of an organization, talent acquisition management involves talent procurement, forecasting, pipelining, assessment, and development. It’s also important to leverage technology, software, tools, and strategic outsourcing partners to ensure your talent acquisition strategy is optimized to fill open positions quickly effectively, and efficiently.

At PuzzleHR, we understand that you need to run your business. So, we have developed processes and programs that help business owners minimize the time they must spend on this crucial task so they can focus on leading their companies.

Each level within our suite offers a distinct set of services, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your company’s talent acquisition strategy, whether you’re looking for comprehensive outsourcing, administrative support, or a personalized recruitment approach. PuzzleHR empowers you to select the service level that meets your needs today, with the flexibility to adjust as those needs evolve.

Managed Talent Acquisition

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  • Our most comprehensive solution, ideal for businesses looking to outsource the management of up to 16 job requisitions at a time. It offers a full spectrum of services, from strategic recruitment planning and engaging job postings to thorough candidate screenings and interviews, aimed at attracting and securing top talent with minimal operational effort on your part.

Dedicated Recruiter Service

Group 140
  • Tailored for organizations seeking a personalized recruitment approach, this service assigns a designated talent specialist to manage your entire recruitment cycle. From job posting creation and compensation analysis to candidate screening and conducting interviews, including the final offer or declination letters, this option offers a hands-on approach to meet your specific hiring objectives.

Talent Coordinator

Group 140
  • For those needing dedicated support in managing the intricacies of talent acquisition administration, this service provides a specialist focused on tasks such as coordination of updates and meetings, job ad creation and posting, resume review, and detailed metric reporting. It’s perfect for ensuring a smooth and efficient recruitment process.

The PuzzleHR Talent Acquisition Suite Provides:

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