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Streamline Your Hiring With Our Talent Acquisition Services

Finding the right candidates for your company. Our Talent Acquisition Services match you with high-quality candidates that are a cultural fit for your organization.

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Talent Acquisition

We Help You Attract and Retain Quality Employees

As a critical strategic component of an organization, talent acquisition management involves talent procurement, forecasting, pipelining, assessment, and development. It’s also important to leverage technology, software, tools, and strategic outsourcing partners to ensure your talent acquisition strategy is optimized to fill open positions quickly effectively, and efficiently.

At PuzzleHR, we understand that you need to run your business. So, we have developed processes and programs that help business owners minimize the time they must spend on this crucial task so they can focus on leading their companies.

Managed Talent Enhanced

Group 140

• Designated Talent Specialist
• Job Posting Creation
• Compensation Analysis
• Postings to 18 job boards
• Customized Candidate Screening
• Custom Interview Protocols
• Assessment Integration
• Passive Candidate Sourcing
• Conduct Interviews
• Schedule Final Interviews
• Send offer and declination letter

Managed Talent Basic

Group 140

As part of this service we will:
• Handle up to 3 Job Requisitions at one time
• Create job postings
• Post to 18 job boards
• Provide resumes of matched candidates
• Provide a Monthly Summary of all activity

As part of the PuzzleHR Enhanced Talent Service we will:

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