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HCM Software

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HCM Software

See how partnering with PuzzleHR can help take your Payroll or HCM offering to the next level.

Win More Sales
We all know the competition is fierce in the payroll space. We provide our partners’ clients with everything from HCM implementation and Optimization support to Managed Payroll Services. A partnership with PuzzleHR will help you close more sales and get your clients up and running on schedule.


Decrease Losses
Companies will often switch payroll providers to gain a feature that they already have but aren’t using. Your clients’ PuzzleHR specialist won’t let that happen.

Increase Profitability
You will close more sales and keep your clients longer. And we offer generous, recurring compensation programs to qualifying partners.

Why partner with PuzzleHR?

The PuzzleHR Solution is more robust than anything available in the marketplace today, and we want to work with you to bring that solution to your customers.

Competition in the payroll software space is fierce and grows more so every day. A partnership with Puzzle will give your sales and operations teams a definitive strategic and service advantage over the competition.

Imagine offering your clients a world class Human Resources department at a fraction of the cost of building their own. Now think about what it would mean to your business to have a second set of hands helping to service your clients and providing feedback to your operations team. You will close more sales, keep your clients longer and your profits will soar!


Partnership opportunities are limited. So contact us today!

You've Got the Humans, We've Got the Resources.
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