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PuzzleHR solves the Human Resources Puzzle

We utilize our proprietary diagnostic system to customize our solution to fit your company’s specific needs. Our strategic HR service offering is not ‘one size fits all.’ We customize our service offering to fit your company’s specific needs.

PuzzleHR is a Managed Human Resources  Organization dedicated to helping our clients make the most out of their investments, maximize their Human Resources, remain in compliance, and operate as efficiently as possible.

Human Resources is a puzzle for many – probably most – business owners today. We leverage the technology you already have, along with our ‘high human’ interface, to make sure you can accomplish exactly what you want. We aren’t HR consultants. We are more like a “fractional HR department” that supplies the pieces you don’t have in place.

Today’s payroll or “HCM” companies struggle to provide the level of support necessary to help their customers more efficiently leverage the tools they’ve purchased. Those customers are confused and frustrated. They can’t understand why their payroll provider’s technology doesn’t live up to its promises.

Employee benefits can be very complicated, ranging from retirement planning and pre-tax savings all the way to health and long term disability coverage. Your PuzzleHR Benefits Specialist works closely with your brokers and insurance carriers to help you choose and manage the best possible products for your organization.

Controlling costs and maximizing ROI involves more than just an effective sales force. Your PuzzleHR Project Management Team will implement proven effective hiring, onboarding and career path strategies that not only decrease employee turnover, but also lead to happier, more engaged and more productive personnel – in every department.

Federal, State and even local labor laws change so often, it’s almost impossible to stay in compliance. But violations can lead to fines and lawsuits that can irreparably damage a growing business. Your PuzzleHR Compliance Specialist is totally up-to-date on all the details, keeping your company safely in compliance at all levels.

A focus on workplace safety is the responsibility of every employer.  Your PuzzleHR Risk Management Specialists consult  on all aspects of safety and risk, ensuring that your company is doing everything possible to ensure the safest workplace possible. Our safety programs can increase employee morale and productivity and can even make your firm eligible for certain insurance premium discounts.

Protecting Your Most Important Resource

A company’s employees – its humans – are its most important resource. And Human Resources is more than just a department. HR embodies your company’s need to contribute to and exchange with your people. PuzzleHR’s decades of experience means exceptional help protecting your most valued raw materials – your human resources.

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