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Tailored Programs for Consultants

We understand the value that you bring to your clients. Let us help you increase that value by offering world-class HR Management.

Add Value 
Deepen your relationship with your clients by bringing PuzzleHR in beside you to create customized Human Resource Strategies to drive growth.

Business Growth 
No business can grow to its full potential without having great relationships with great employees. Let PuzzleHR bring your clients the Human Capital Management strategies that accelerate growth.

Increased Profitability 
We offer generous revenue sharing programs to firms that qualify.

Why Partner with PuzzleHR?

As a business consultant, you bring your experience and vast knowledge of market dynamics to your client’s businesses to help them grow faster than they could without your help. More than ever, growing businesses rely on industry experts to help navigate areas where they lack expertise or capacity.

Your employees are your most important asset. At PuzzleHR, we help businesses create and execute strategies to maximize their return on their human capital.

A partnership with the Human Resource Experts at PuzzleHR will cement your role as a trusted advisor, increase the value that you bring to your clients, and deepen already strong relationships.


Let’s talk about how we can work together to grow your business!

You've Got the Humans, We've Got the Resources.
Let's Talk.