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Streamline Your Payroll With Our Managed Payroll Services

Payroll can be complex & time consuming if you do it by yourself. Release the stress of payroll by utilizing our Managed Payroll Services.

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Managed Payroll & HCM

Accurate, Timely and Consultative Payroll and HCM Support

PuzzleHR is here to help with our Payroll Management Service. Managed Payroll through PuzzleHR seamlessly integrates all the tasks associated with processing payroll to avoid critical errors and keep things running smoothly. With our Managed Payroll service you increase confidentiality, decrease risk, ensure accuracy and control costs.

Our Payroll Engineers manage your payroll, regardless of the platform.

PuzzleHR Payroll Engineers have experience in every platform on the market. Whether you use Dayforce, ADP, Paycor, Paylocity, UKG or any other provider we have the expertise to help you navigate and master the features of the technology you’ve chosen. If you need to make a change, we can help choose a new platform, and then coordinate the implementation of your new solution.

Managed Payroll

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Processing payroll is a chore that no one wants to do but has to be done. Let puzzle be your payroll department and you’ll never have to worry about replacing your payroll person (or finding someone to cover the process over vacation or a holiday) ever again.

Payroll Admin

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Keeping your systems data up to date is key to ensuring compliance with federal and state labor laws. It also increases employee satisfaction by decreasing the questions that get to the payroll department.

HCM Optimization

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Ensuring that your HCM system of choice works for your business is critical to the success of your back office. A refresh of your instance to ensure that the system you are using meets your needs often makes sense. Our team of HCM experts can help.

HCM Implementation

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Switching HCM providers is no easy task. We provide client-side implementation support services for all major HCM systems that ensure your implementation project gets done on time and your payroll department doesn’t miss a beat.

Your PuzzleHR Payroll Management Specialist provides support with:

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