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More HR Solutions

HR is always evolving and so is our service offering.

Human Resources is constantly evolving, and that evolution is a constant challenge for businesses.

The team at Puzzle is on the cutting edge of HR, modifying our service offerings to meet our customers’ needs.

Manager Direct Connect

Group 140
  • Sticky Situation Resolution
  • Company specific policy questions answered
  • Handbook support
  • Support on dealing with front line Federal, state and local regulations
  • Performance management support

Employee Direct Connect

Group 140
  • Problem Resolution
  • Company specific policy questions answered
  • Handbook Questions and Answer support
  • General HR Hotline questions answered

Leave of Absence (LOA) Management

Group 140
  • LOA management is tricky, time consuming and, if not done right, poses a risk to the business.
  • The Puzzle LOA Management service takes the headache out of leave management. We handle it, so you don’t have to.

Employee Onboarding

Group 140
  • First impressions are everything and a seamless onboarding process sets your new employees (and all the departments that support them) up for success.

Special Projects

Group 140
  • “Special Projects” can mean anything, and it often does.
  • We handle projects as basic as I-9 and policy audits to more complex projects, Merger and Acquisition, Due Diligence, and ERTC.

Our Additional Service Offerings Include:

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