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Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about our services and products.

Most companies can’t afford to deploy the myriad resources necessary to optimize the HR function in their organization. A suboptimized HR function leads to low employee engagement, high turnover and decreased business results. We give companies the resources they need when they need them. Said a different way, we augment your companies HR team and provide as much (or as little) HR support as you need to drive business results. 

Our consultants would never try and sell you more than you need or can handle. Every company is unique and so is our client discovery process. Our Consultants and HR Project Managers work with our customers to develop a customized “Puzzle Project Plan” that works for your business and your time frame.

An ASO is a services firm dedicated to providing payroll, benefits and some Human Resource administrative services for its clients. Most ASO’s focus on payroll processing and other reactive parts of operating a business (solving immediate challenges like employee relations or non-compliance with regulations). At PuzzleHR, we believe that proactive, strategic administrative service must be combined with solving reactive service needs to create a positive experience for our clients and their employees. That’s what we do at PuzzleHR. We call our business model “HR as a Service” and we think it makes a world of difference.

No. The saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” And that’s our approach to payroll. We can handle your Human Resource infrastructure needs regardless of your payroll platform. In fact, if it makes sense, we can even manage your payroll for you through your current provider.

“HCM” is industry jargon meaning “Human Capital Management”. Normally, when you see or hear the term “HCM” it is in reference to software systems and applications sold and deployed by payroll companies. It will typically include software that is intended to help companies manage the reporting and administrative parts of HR like payroll on-boarding and open enrollment. 

The acronym “PEO” stands for Professional Employer Organization. A “PEO” is a company that provides HR and benefits services to other companies through a  Co-Employment relationship. The PEO concept was originally referred to as “Employee Leasing” as PEO clients  enter into co-employment relationships with the PEO and lease back their employees from the PEO.

We serve companies in every industry. From Manufacturing, to Golf Courses, to Non Profits, Municipalities, CannaBiz to Software and Services companies we have the professionals and experience to handle it all.

Well, HR is not too small (or Large) for you! Our organizational structure allows us to design and deliver the service that works for Your Company. Unlike our competitors, our consultants and HR Project Managers work WITH you to design a completely custom “Living Statement of Work” that delivers the value that works for you.

Let’s face it, your employees are happy until they’re not. Top performing companies work proactively to treat employee engagement as a success strategy. Your PuzzleHR team will help you do exactly that
Whether you have a full HR Department or “Someone who is in charge of HR” PuzzleHR can help. Our expert HR Project Managers are solely focused on developing and implementing transformational HR strategies for your growing company.
If you don’t have an HR department then you probably have 4 or 5 people who handle Human Resources on an Ad Hoc basis. The HR Account Managers and Project Managers at PuzzleHR can help you move from REACTIVE responses to HR needs to PROACTIVE processes and procedures to support your company as you grow.
That’s a great question! Click Here and one of our Consultants will be in touch as quickly as possible to design your “Puzzle Project Plan”.
Great Question! Once you decide to allow PuzzleHR to help your company put the pieces of the HR puzzle together, our HR Project Managers get to work leveraging our proprietary diagnostic tools to work with you and design your unique PuzzleHR Project Plan. Each plan is unique, and can be as robust or as limited as necessary. More importantly, each plan is built to be flexible enough to accomplish your goals without getting in the way of you growing your business.

Most of our clients have a combination of in-house, fully remote and hybrid employees. We’ve found that providing hybrid-remote HR support to be a very effective way to maintain compliance with Federal and State HR regulations. We support your line managers  to ensure they are aware of the regulations that impact their direct reports while giving them the skills they need to manage a newly remote workforce. Our service provides the resources you need to drive business results.

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