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Streamline Your HR With Our Outsourced HR Services

Our outsourced human resources services are trusted by businesses nationwide. Remove the complications of HR using our outsourced HR solutions. Let us help your HR department drive business results.

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Outsourced Human Resources.

A smart, successful company recognizes that its employees are the most valuable resource and that HR can be leveraged to help your company grow. PuzzleHR, a complete outsourced Human Resources solution, delivers the expertise and experience to nurture your existing employees and strategies to help your company grow to its fullest potential.

Human Resources is easy - until it's not.

PuzzleHR offers a variety of shared service solutions to help companies do more than just survive today’s rapidly changing, litigious, and highly regulated environment. Puzzle gives your business the resources, strategies and tools that help businesses thrive.

HR Evolved!

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On premise HR support* is available fractionally and on-demand. Clients can choose to have a PuzzleHR professional on-site. We support special initiatives like expansion, acquisitions, open enrollment, hiring campaigns, RIFs and much more. Services are provided as needed and billed “as you go.” Turned “On and Off” as necessary. 

*Currently available in select locations. 

HR Solved!

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Solved! Clients are paired with a team of HR professionals experienced in multiple disciplines. That team analyzes your organization, provides feedback and works with you to create and drive the initiatives that move your company forward.  Solved! is a “Virtual First” service approach designed to maximize value and results.

HR Foundations!

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A proactive user experience where your team of HR generalists make recommendations and provide basic HR support “One initiative at a time.”

HR Comply!

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Reactive HR Support to keep you in compliance with the ever changing federal, state and local labor laws that affect your business.

Your PuzzleHR Team Delivers Expertise in:

You've Got the Humans, We've Got the Resources.
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How Outsourced HR Can Help Grow Your Business

Outsourcing HR for your business can help your company grow. When you partner with the HR experts at Puzzle, our managed human resources services can help reduce costs by eliminating the need to hire and manage an in-house HR team. In turn, your business saves money. As if cost savings weren’t enough, our highly experienced team of HR professionals can also help improve efficiency, employee engagement, and recruitment – all while providing access to the expertise that your company needs to thrive.

At PuzzleHR, we help businesses of all sizes, including startups. So whether you’re a small business, mid-sized company, or large corporation, our managed HR services are exactly what you need to grow your business. Contact us today to receive a free quote for our outsourced HR services.