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Optimize Your Business Growth with Expert Managed HR Services

Time.  All it takes is time.  To find talent to help your business grow.  To fill an important position in your company.  To hire a qualified individual for a newly created management job.  To train them.  Isn’t that what all businesses are missing today?  Time?  

Putting ads on social media or in the local newspaper, receiving dozens of phone calls from potential hires, scheduling face-to-face interviews.  These things alone take hours upon hours to accomplish.  And then you need to sit through all the actual interviews.

Once you’ve found three or four “perfect” candidates, you must then make the calls to check their references.  More time taken away from your day.  Eventually, you find the right person for the job.  Weeks have passed.  You’ve offered the job to someone.  Fingers are crossed.  And maybe, just maybe, everything will work out and you can get back to work.

Finding the Best People

What if you could outsource finding, interviewing, hiring, then training qualified staff to a Managed Human Resources company?  What if HR experts could do all the work for you to help find the most-competent candidates for your company, interview them, and then present you with the best people available?

A Managed HR provider can plan, coordinate, and direct the administrative functions of your organization.  They can also oversee the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring of new staff; consult with top executives on strategic planning for new hires and serve as a link between your organization’s management and all of its employees, including those just hired.

At PuzzleHR, we provide varied aspects of human resource management services to many different companies across the country, across all business categories.  PuzzleHR is one of the most influential Human Resources outsourcing firms in the world.  And we are here to help you!

Streamline Your Hiring and Onboarding Process with Professional Assistance

Our expertise in assisting companies harness the power of HR to positively drive business results is unmatched.  From interviewing prospective staff members, to onboarding services and initial training of new employees, to helping you create high level business strategies to tactical execution and everything in between, our team of professional HR executives will provide you with the skillsets necessary to identify and then expertly handle each piece of the HR puzzle.

We’ll write and place the ad for the job you have available, find the top talent, interview, and select the stand-out candidates, check references, train, review company policies and procedures, and integrate new staff members quickly and easily so you don’t have to.

And our team has years of experience in interviewing prospective job candidates, creating HR policies, and ensuring company compliance with state and federal laws in all 50 states.  As your own outsourced HR department, PuzzleHR can help you in the most important and necessary ways.  

We can save you time and money.  We can help you create employment policies and show you how to reserve your company’s right to change those policies when necessary.  We can handle compensation and benefits administration by working closely with your accounting department so that they can answer any payroll or HR questions your employees-both old and new–might have.

We can even provide outsourced Managed Payroll Services as well as Managed HR Services.  In addition, we can show both you and your employees how to attain their own personal career goals, no matter how big or small your company might be.  

Unlock Potential: How PuzzleHR Transforms Your Human Resource Management

We’ll meet with and interview all your management staff, as well as your current employees to get a real feel for who you are as a company, what your company culture is (or could be), and we’ll ask them for their input, explore their different viewpoints, and then design a step-by-step HR plan that you can follow.  At PuzzleHR, we optimize your people processes and we can take over functions that your HR department would normally do, so that you can concentrate on growing your business.  

We’ll even become your outsourced HR department if you’d like to save even more money in the long run. We’ll help you create work environments that keep your employees engaged, motivated, and loyal.  We’ll develop employee and leadership skillsets so that your staff can advance in their careers.  And we will help you reduce costly turnover.  

With PuzzleHR, you’ll get more HR for less money. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your company succeed beyond your wildest dreams.  Expertly.  Efficiently.  Effectively.



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