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The Covid-19 Pandemic altered the business world’s view of Human Resources and the HR Department. Leaders around the world have come to realize that a well-resourced HR department drives business results. Here three of the top HR trends that started with COVID and will persist well beyond the pandemic.

Not Just a Seat at the Table, the Head of the Table
In the past Human Resources was often relegated to the “Children’s Table”. When Covid hit, business leaders hit the panic button and Human Resources professionals changed seats. They were tasked with leading the charge in navigating all the complexities of operating a business in unprecedented times.

Business leaders gained a new appreciation for HR and their areas of expertise. HR was forced to take charge and rolled out flexible policies and remote work protocols allowing businesses to continue to function while keeping employee safety at the forefront.

The Big Quit, Or Not
Covid opened the door to remote work, allowing more employees to seek positions outside of their immediate area. Employees became disillusioned with traditional workplaces and unsafe working conditions. People everywhere reevaluated what work should look like, and how important it was to them. Competition amongst employers increased as employees resigned en masse. Human Resources is often tasked with sourcing and onboarding new talent, but attracting employees is a multifaceted problem.

In many organizations, the Human Resources department is one person. The role of HR has become to attract, recruit, and retain talent. Those HR professionals are just that, professionals, but they can’t do everything on their own. PuzzleHR understands that attracting and retaining  employees takes a powerful mix of the right benefits, culture, and talent acquisition specialists. Puzzle gives its customers access to our Managed Benefits experts to ensure the best budget-friendly benefits  on the market are yours, HR Program Managers to develop and support your culture, and a Talent Acquisition team to help you attract the next generation of employees to help businesses grow.

Social Justice, in the Workplace and Out
2021 brought more than a pandemic and great resignation –  social awakenings prompted employers to examine their workplaces. Consider the rise of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion program.

Certainly, Human Resources professionals knew the importance of DEI prior to 2021, but growing buzz around diversity forced employers to see the value of these programs.

Even for the best HR reps, DEI initiatives can be daunting and delicate subjects to tread. The PuzzleHR DEI program provides an accessible way for companies to implement a robust plan for their business.

The Bottom Line
Human Resources has emerged as a powerful partner in the success of a business. HR departments must continue to innovate beyond the pandemic.

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