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What is Talent Acquisition?

“Talent acquisition is the process of identifying, attracting and onboarding skilled workers to efficiently and effectively meet dynamic business goals and fill project requirements.”

In today’s economic climate, job availability and demand for talent has grown, but it has also become more challenging to fill those open roles. Many businesses across different industries now find it difficult to source and attract qualified workers. A robust and proven talent acquisition strategy is now more than ever a top priority for leadership and managers.  

As a critical strategic component of an organization, talent acquisition management involves talent procurement, forecasting, pipelining, assessment, and development. It’s also important to leverage technology, software, tools and strategic outsourcing partners to ensure your talent acquisition strategy is optimized to effectively and efficiently fill open positions quickly. 

At PuzzleHR, we understand that you need to run your business. So, we have developed processes and programs that helps business owners minimize the time they have to spend on this crucial task so they can focus on leading their companies.

Let us Configure Our Talent Acquisition Service for Your Company.

Our Services

We work with our clients to customize a program that fits their specific needs.
Your Puzzle Talent Acquisition Specialists will handle both active and passive candidate searches at your direction.

Your Specialist Team takes on things like:

• Market Job Postings to our preferred list of Job Boards
• First and Second Level Screening
• Candidate Communication
• Interview and Selection Training
• Compensation and Benefits Modeling

....and much more.

The bottom line is this: We take on the redundant, time consuming tasks of your talent acquisition process so you can focus your time on the high value task of growing your business.

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