Building a Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Leadership Team with Managed HR Companies


Fostering Workplace Diversity with PuzzleHR’s Expertise Creating a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace can result in faster and more efficient problem solving, innovation and improved financial performance that goes directly to your company’s bottom line. By developing and then implementing a strong diversity program within your company, you not only gain access to the […]

Elevating Employee Experience with Managed Benefits


Maximize Your Workforce Efficiency with PuzzleHR’s Managed HR and Benefits Services Effective human resource management has many benefits.  By outsourcing your strategic HR department and the processes and systems within, you can provide a proactive approach to payroll, insurance, health benefits, and other time-consuming employee benefits that may not be in your area of expertise […]

Finding Top Talent with a Managed HR Company’s Recruitment Services

HR Recruitment services

Optimize Your Business Growth with Expert Managed HR Services Time.  All it takes is time.  To find talent to help your business grow.  To fill an important position in your company.  To hire a qualified individual for a newly created management job.  To train them.  Isn’t that what all businesses are missing today?  Time?   Putting […]

Managed Human Resources?

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What is “Managed Human Resources” and How Can it Help Your Business? Today’s HR departments are stretched thin trying to keep up with company and employee demands. So, more and more business leaders are turning to Managed Human Resources organizations to help fill the gaps and provide support for their internal Human Resource Professionals. Managed […]