Improve Employee Engagement with Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace

Employee Engagement

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Enhance Engagement with Advanced Automation: AI for the Employee Experience

Did you know disengaged employees cost about $1.9 trillion in lost productivity?

Two-thirds of your workforce is disengaged. Despite the best efforts of leaders across the country, the employee engagement crisis continues to impact productivity, innovation, collaboration, and profits. Employees cite three major areas in which their organizations are lacking: a sense of purpose, appreciation, and development opportunities. As technology advances, AI poses various solutions. 

Instilling Purpose

70% of employees feel their sense of purpose is defined by their work, but many feel they are not living their purpose in their daily work. Workers want to know how their efforts contribute to their organization’s larger mission. Employees at all levels who feel their purpose is fulfilled by their work have higher engagement, retention, and satisfaction.

AI-powered tools analyze vast amounts of data, identifying patterns and insights that help leaders understand employees’ passions and skills. These insights allow leaders to assign tasks suited to each employee’s unique skills, linking their interests with the organization’s goals to boost employees’ drive and sense of purpose. A targeted approach shows employees the value of their individual contributions to foster a deeper connection with the organization. 

Reimagining Recognition

66% of employees are likely to leave their jobs due to a lack of appreciation as many organizations struggle to move recognition programs beyond simple rewards or shout-outs. Meaningful recognition celebrates each employee for their individuality, accomplishments, and potential, driving both immediate appreciation and future participation. 

With AI, companies leverage real-time analysis of employee contributions for immediate acknowledgment, personalized recognition, and real-time rewards. The feedback loop created by these programs is quicker, more personalized, and more efficient, allowing employees to feel celebrated for the individuality of their accomplishments.

Fostering Development

91% of workers believe companies should provide continuous learning, but only 47% receive these opportunities. A workplace lacking clear paths for professional growth often encounters high turnover and low engagement, while workplaces high in development opportunities see increased collaboration, innovation, and performance. 

AI provides learning and development programs with myriad solutions. From AI-enabled platforms that analyze performance and assign relevant development opportunities to AI tools making learning more accessible through gamification or microlearning, learning technology continues to advance toward enhancing engagement.

Start Improving Your Employee Engagement

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