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The Covid-19 pandemic jolted business leaders into thinking about Human Resources in a whole new light. Unfortunately, most companies didn’t have a solid system in place for any of the unique challenges that came with the virus. As a result, stress responses kicked into overdrive resulting in an extra 200,000 U.S. businesses choosing flight mode and permanently closed their doors within the first year.  It is impossible to be 100% prepared for the future, but employers can lessen negative impact by putting proper systems in place, offering continuous leadership development, and having an adaptable mindset.


 Don’t Just Think…Plan!

There were a lot of new questions that hit employers when the pandemic first hit. What Do I do with my staff?  How do I lay them off comfortable? How do I bring my staff back? Do I let them work from home, office, or both? People had to change the way they managed technology and employees.

At the time, most businesses had never thought about any of these topics.  Not many had any kind of system in place or anybody to consult to meet these kinds of needs. This is one reason having a team of HR experts already outsourced is so important. By having a team in place allows for forward thinking and planning (Hint…contact PuzzleHR today).


Educate the Masses by Educating the Individual

Improving one’s education has always been at the top of the list when it comes to improvement, but is it working for companies too? Yes and no. Training sessions, that not many wanted, have shown time after time that they don’t provide the desired amount of overall change. But despite all of the proven research, businesses are still requiring their staff to participate.

Instead of wasting time and money on team training, more employers should be investing in their team member’s personal education.  Offering ongoing education in each employee’s area of interests has shown to be effective in both knowledge retention and usage.


Work from…Work?

People had to change the way they managed both technology and employees.  Leadership had to change their mindsights and learn to adapt quickly. This has proven to be a valuable skill with the “great resignation” currently happening. In both instances, one of the most challenging topics has been the work environment.

Working from home became the normal for a lot of employees, and most are not willing to part ways so easily. It has become the workers world and employers have to upgrade the physical work environment, improve company culture, and increase benefits and salaries to have a chance at keeping their current WFH staff.  Again, this is where an HR team is vital because they can help put these updates into action, but also employ the right staff should the existing chose to leave.


The Take-Away

HR needs to be front and center in every business leader’s mind to avoid unnecessary business risks.

Don’t leave the success of your business up to fate. Let PuzzleHR show you why we are the experts of outsourced HR.

Connect the pieces of your HR Puzzle today!



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