Bridge the Gap: Essential Skills for 2024

bridging the gap

Bridge the Gap: Essential Skills for 2024 Did you know that 87% of organizations have a skills gap or will have one within the next few years? The business world experienced drastic shifts in the past five years, from AI to remote work and beyond. In this era of technological advancement and work paradigms, previously […]

Building a Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Leadership Team with Managed HR Companies


Fostering Workplace Diversity with PuzzleHR’s Expertise Creating a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace can result in faster and more efficient problem solving, innovation and improved financial performance that goes directly to your company’s bottom line. By developing and then implementing a strong diversity program within your company, you not only gain access to the […]

Elevating Employee Experience with Managed Benefits


Maximize Your Workforce Efficiency with PuzzleHR’s Managed HR and Benefits Services Effective human resource management has many benefits.  By outsourcing your strategic HR department and the processes and systems within, you can provide a proactive approach to payroll, insurance, health benefits, and other time-consuming employee benefits that may not be in your area of expertise […]

Finding Top Talent with a Managed HR Company’s Recruitment Services

HR Recruitment services

Optimize Your Business Growth with Expert Managed HR Services Time.  All it takes is time.  To find talent to help your business grow.  To fill an important position in your company.  To hire a qualified individual for a newly created management job.  To train them.  Isn’t that what all businesses are missing today?  Time?   Putting […]

HR Wrapped 2023


HR Wrapped 2023 As 2023 comes to a close, HR leaders have a lot on their plates. Let’s take a minute to see what HR has accomplished and what we have in store for next year! A Look Back at 2023 This year, HR departments across the country navigated the new norms of the working […]

This Thanksgiving, We’re Thankful for HR!

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This Thanksgiving, We’re Thankful for HR As we gather around the Thanksgiving table this year, there’s a new guest of honor — the HR department. It’s been a transformative year for HR in 2023, with the focus shifting from traditional administrative duties to strategic initiatives that directly impact the bottom line. Here are the HR […]

Be Prepared, Not Scared, for Open Enrollment!

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Be Prepared, Not Scared, for Open Enrollment! Are you ready for open enrollment? As November draws closer, employees and employers alike are preparing for health insurance plan adjustments. This year, with inflation rising and benefits providers altering offerings to match the desires of a changing business landscape, employees and their organizations must evaluate their needs […]

Staying Put: Introducing the Big Stay

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Staying Put: Introducing the Big Stay Big news for businesses—the Great Resignation is coming to an end! After seeing employees quit over 50 million jobs in 2022, researchers are noticing trends that point to a new workforce phenomenon: the Big Stay. What is The Big Stay? The Big Stay is a recent trend indicating a slowdown in […]

Back to School: A+ Learning Strategies


As summer transitions to fall, we’re reminded of back-to-school, classrooms, and education. In the business landscape, development is a lifelong endeavor, and upskilling can mean the difference between staying competitive and being left behind. Organizations must invest in learning and development solutions that cater to their employees’ diverse needs to boost engagement, increase productivity, and […]

Celebrating Bravery: Disability Pride Month


Each year, July is recognized as Disability Pride Month — a time to celebrate diversity, promote visibility, and strengthen pride among the disability community. Disability Pride Month was established to commemorate the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in 1990, prohibiting discrimination against disabled individuals. Despite these legal protections, people with disabilities often […]