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At PuzzleHR, we do so many things for so many companies that we thought it important to share some of our stories with you. This is a Case Study of one of our clients, an international luxury retailer. They came to us with an interesting puzzle for the team to help solve. We were asked to help this company:

  • Continue to grow their business and luxury brand reputation.
  • Remain in compliance.
  • Keep their employees safe and engaged.
  • Maintain the familial culture that they had worked so hard to build and maintain for over 100 years.

Certainly a tall order, but the ask was not one we had not seen before. We created a simple three part plan.


We had to address the most immediate obstacle, Covid-19.  How does a business navigate safety and productivity in this environment?  Our client had done a great job managing each Covid-related incident as it arose. But they lacked a comprehensive, proactive approach to dealing with the pandemic in the workplace.

  1. We helped them implement CDC-approved policies and procedures so that employees were aware of how to handle even the most complicated of scenarios.
  2. As employees took advantage of the company’s very generous PTO offerings while quarantining or taking care of family members, we uncovered a potential windfall. We worked with their payroll provider to recategorize Covid-related leaves to take advantage of tax savings. That helped the company realize $50,000 in savings.
  3. When holiday travel became problematic in their area, we provided compliant guidance to help mitigate risk and bring open communication to the forefront so that everyone played a role in making the workplace as safe as possible.


Talent acquisition is never easy. Talent acquisition in a pandemic is a different level of challenge altogether. Our client needed help staffing open positions.  But how do you lure qualified candidates away from their existing role in such uncertain times?  We worked to create quality job postings, released in a wide variety of platforms to reach the best and broadest audience.  Then, PuzzleHR worked with the hiring managers to ensure timely communication with candidates so that the process was seamless and efficient.


We tackled company culture. Candidates, employees and customers want to feel a connection with their organization. They want to see diversity, sustainability, corporate responsibility, or simply their core values displayed in how the business functions. What could PuzzleHR help identify, augment and help communicate about our client? We conducted an in-depth analysis of other brands in the luxury space to determine what qualities this company needs to highlight in their media to fully express their cultural identity.  Our work helped surface those elements and highlighted them for employees and customers alike.  Today, we are working to standardizing their employee onboarding to ensure every employee benefits from a strong start at this great place to work!

The Result

We saved our client tens of thousands of dollars in taxes. We increased employee engagement. And were able to inform the community just how amazing this company is to work for and do business with. At PuzzleHR, we strive to anticipate the challenges our clients will face and provide them with resources and tools necessary to thrive in this challenging business environment.

If you have an HR puzzle that needs solving, contact us today.


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