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At PuzzleHR, we understand just how important your clients are to you. Let us help you provide your clients the level of service that they deserve.

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Protect Your Book

Since we don't sell insurance, you'll never have to worry about getting blindsided by losing one of your valued clients to one of your "partners".

Increase Client Satisfaction

Benefits are complicated. Allow our specialists to field basic questions and coordinate deductions and adjustments when appropriate.

Generate More Revenue

Not only do we offer generous recurring revenue sharing programs to qualified partners. Our experts help clients to make sure that benefits they offer are the most competitive in their market.

Why partner with Puzzle HR

The PuzzleHR Solution is more robust than anything available in the marketplace today and we want to work with you to bring all that value to your clients.

Competition in the benefits and insurance space is fierce and grows more so every day. Some insurance brokerages are even attempting to create their own in-house HR Service for their clients. Why bother? Puzzle has the perfect solution for you. 

Imagine being able to offer your clients a world class Human Resources department for less than the cost of a part time employee and at no cost to you. Now think about what it would mean to your business to have a second set of hands helping to service your clients and providing feedback to you without worrying about those hands sending a BOR letter to your client. Whether you are selling to a new group or moving a client off of a PEO, we are here to help you provide your clients with the services they need, increase customer  satisfaction and help you generate more recurring revenue. 

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