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Due Diligence

Go beyond financial statements and gain critical understanding of the culture and leadership make up of acquisition targets. Puzzle provides a full comprehensive review and analysis of the target company's HR infrastructure, leadership competancies, historical compliance and succession plans.

Risk Mitigation

HR related business risk comes in many forms. Talent, Policy, Compliance, Culture and Org Vitality. Lack of compliance with Federal, State and Local labor laws can be a drag on business results. Our output clearly identifies HR related business risk and necessary mitigation steps.

Add-on Acquisition Transition Support

Combining multiple entities can be a good idea. But it can also be a real challenge. Combining benefits, policies, procedures, compensation and bonus structures takes research, planning and a robust communication strategy. Our team will do all the work to ease the transition.

Partner with PuzzleHR to Maximize Investment Returns

You’ve done your diligence and made the investment. You made that investment because you believe that the people will produce the result upon which you based your thesis.

What if you could deploy a solution across your portfolio investments that would help ensure that company managers have the resources necessary to create and maintain a motivating environment where people want to do the work necessary to deliver the results you expect?

We leverage our proprietary diagnostic system to provide you with the intelligence necessary to de-risk your investment, decrease costs and increase profitability at the target company. 

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PuzzleHR is the Premier Managed Human Resources Firm in the US today. We have decades of experience in Human Resources and have developed the diagnostic tools necessary to provide the in depth analysis necessary to help business leaders make informed decisions and drive business results.