CPA Partners

At PuzzleHR, we understand just how important your clients are to your firm. We have developed CPA Specific partnership programs designed to help you maintain and enhance your role as a trusted advisor and maximize your relationship with your customer. Remember, we are Payroll Agnostic and will work with whatever payroll or HCM technology you decide is right for your clients.

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Provide Protection

Compliance with Federal and State labor laws grow more complex everyday. When you partner with PuzzleHR you can rest assured that your clients protect themselves against running afoul of government regulations.

Business Growth

No business can grow to its full potential without having great relationships with great employees. Let PuzzleHR bring your clients the proven Human Capital Management strategies that accelerate growth.

Increased Profitability

We offer generous revenue sharing programs to firms that qualify.

Why partner with Puzzle HR

As an Accountant and Trusted Advisor, your clients rely on you to bring your experience and vast knowledge of government regulations to bear helping to grow their respective businesses. Though Labor Law is not Tax Law, the ramifications of non-compliance can be just as severe. 

Employees are the most important part of every business. Without solid human capital management strategies those same employees can hamper business growth. On the other hand, the right strategies with the right execution make businesses thrive.

At PuzzleHR, we have the depth and breadth of experience necessary to keep your clients on the right side of  all applicable labor laws while creating and driving employee relation strategies necessary to generate business growth.

Let’s talk about how we can work together to help your clients succeed and grow your practice.

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